Interior Design’s BoY Awards


We are sooooo excited to be nominated for Interior Design’s BoY (Best of Year) Award in the window treatment category. Being recognized by our peers, is so rewarding and it validates what we do. Please take a few minutes and vote for us between October 6th and 17th. We hope to be crossing the stage when the winners are announced live December 3, at Interior Design’s  award gala in New York City.

Orion’s latest product offering, Deco Lite Traversing, was nominated for this year’s award. It is a lightweight, contemporary traversing system available in 8 designs to create a modern and sleek look with its crisp straight lines. Deco Lite Traversing can be finished in Orion’s 6 Italian or 35 Iron Art finishes. Sides can be left open, or have returns specified to create a cornice look. Deco Lite Traversing can be used with both our manual or Somfy motorized traversing options.

orion vote award  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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