The Residence: Design in the Sky

We often talk to our peers about creating a unique, exclusive design experience, about delivering a personal and bespoke product that reflects their lifestyle and says” luxury”. There isn’t a better example of all of this than –The Residence by Etihad Airlines. With a goal to transform how we see air travel, Ethihad Airlines developed The Residence as the ultimate in high-end luxury travel.

Created by leading interior designers and hospitality experts, who understand the sophistication expected by the private traveler and The Residence is designed as a couples retreat in an Airbus 380. You’ll be greeted by your butler and your private chef will prepare anything.


The Residence is the only three room suite in the sky- a living room, ensuite bath and bedroom. you ask for.


The bedroom in The Residence is decorated with delicate fabrics and furnished with natural fiber mattress double bed, Egyptian cotton sheets and choice of pillows. Who doesn’t want to wake up to breakfast in bed above the clouds.



The living room has a luxurious Poltrona Frau leather double-seat sofa with ottoman, two dining tables, chilled drinks cabinet and 32-inch flat screen TV.


A hallway leads to a bath complete with shower, custom toiletries and bathrobe.

You can book The Residence on flights from Abu Dhabi to London starting in December 2014. for about $20,000. While you are waiting for take-off, there is a communal space known as The Lobby, a bar and lounge with a semi-circular leather sofa, a marquetry table and large TV screen


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