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I have often been asked to post my list of must-haves when it comes to building a Designer’s Toolbox for designing and selling custom window treatments and decorative hardware.  This is an indispensable kit, I keep in my van and it is has solved customer service issues, saved call backs; but most importantly, it is critical to my planning process when it comes to designing window treatments and specifying drapery hardware. Here’s what I have in my tool box. What’s in yours?

  • Steel Tape Measure- 1” X 25’  I like the Fat Max
  • Visualization samples
  • Protractor
  • Blue masking tape- always check you have the right release type.
  • Measuring Forms
  • Roll of blackout lining- 10 yard bolt. I use to create mockups if the client is having a problem visualizing
  • Bead Chain- use to drape silhouettes, treatment shapes for client for clients
  • Needle and thread in white off white, black
  • Roll of kraft or vellum paper for templates
  • Tailor’s chalk to trace templates
  • Bracket “key set” – this way I can make sure the treatment I am choosing will mount properly
  • Decorative Hardware Bracket “key set”
  • Decorative hardware Ring  “key set”
  • Hinged Protractor
  • Eurostick
  • Installation Template
  • Contour Gauge- a must for cutouts
  • Pinsetter
  • Flexi Tape measure great for bedding and specialty windows
  • Dust Board Hinge plate protractor
  • Digital Camera- actually I now use my iPad or smartphone.
  • template

    Bracket Template- Rowley Company


    Hinged Protractor- Rowley Company


    Eurostick measuring Stick- Rowley Company


    Dustboard Hinged protractor


    Contour Gauge – Purchase at any home improvement center

Speaking of my iPad, I am now collecting al kinds of virtual/digital tools for planning and designing window treatments and hardware. But that’s a whole other post! A must- have app is certainly either My Measure Pro App or Photo Measures App.


My Measures Pro available in Android or ios versions

Last, but not least, the only way to really sell drapery hardware is to make sure you have samping and finish selectors. Showing customers finishes off of a 4 color brochure just doesn’t cut it; especially if she is spending thousands of dollars. Check out Orion’s Designer’s Bag and Finish Selector binder and add those to your toolbox.

designers bag finish selecotr


Rowley Company is the industry’s gold standard when it comes to installation, workroom and design supplies. Check it out HERE.

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